Today, I turn 7 and it’s our 7th year.

If I were to put the past 7 years in one word, it’ll be grace.

Looking back, I smile to reminisce where He met me, where He has brought me along the way, and where I am now. I also sigh to remember the (countless) times I’ve failed Him. For times I said I’ll spend time with Him but I didn’t. For the promises I’ve broken and vows I didn’t get to fulfill. For being unfaithful and for days I’ve been cold, quite aloof, and I’ve put Him somewhere else in the priority list than the first.

Remembering what I can (to write this), makes me tear. I tear for joy and gratitude - which I can’t, and I know I will never be able to put into words.

I’m grateful, first, for being pursued tirelessly even before the time I knew He was doing so. Second, for the heartbreaks He had allowed to happen and made me feel. Third, for consistently being faithful despite of me being of little faith even if He has proved me many times that I can rely on Him. Fourth, for keeping His word. Fifth, for sending people in my life to care for me, teach me, laugh and cry with me, and to deal with my flaws, and in all ways, show me who He is and remind me what His grace is like.

The list goes on.

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