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Thanks, Maddy ♥


Everyday is one step closer.

I miss him, but I know that You’re doing this for a reason. 

I prayed that You would help me trust You and fall in love with You, so You took him away because I was letting him distract me. so You let this happen because You’re preparing us for the bigger & brighter future ahead of us. You’re teaching me to trust You through this and to focus more on You, so that I may fall deeply in love with You.

I can’t wait for the outcome of this. YOU ARE A GOOD GOD. 

I think about You on a daily basis more than I ever have before. I want to keep growing. I want to keep falling. 

And I really want to grow to love You more with Aaron Mimoy by my side, but I do know that I must love You separately first before that can happen.

And I want just the same for Aaron Mimoy. I want him to fall so in love with You. I want us to be able to be joyful in the love we have for You.

I pray that he uses this time to really get to know You.

And I want to quit worrying. Because You’ve got this.

Your timing is perfect.

I am fully excited for what You have in store for us.

Don’t let us waste this precious time. 

Reblogging this because…Your timing is perfect :)

Trusting: Being able to wait & knowing when to obey.

I can still remember the time when I was looking for a ministry to involve myself in. I used to be part of the ushering team when I was still in VCF. Though I enjoyed welcoming people, I didn’t dare to join the HOST team when I attended CCF. I tried joining NxtGen in the admin team, however I didn’t pursue volunteering because during that time, I haven’t finished BF1 and 2 classes yet. I assumed God really intended not to allow me to stick there as He wanted me somewhere else.

Back then, I know I wanted to be part of the single’s ministry but didn’t become an active member of any, afraid that I might not be able to meet what is expected..and of course, time management matters. And so, I just waited and prayed about it.

Until last June 2011, I attended “The Art of Being a Woman (and the lost virtues)” women’s conference. As it ended, God impressed onto my heart that this is the ministry I’ll join ♥ But the funny thing is…there is no official ministry yet. (Haha!) On the last day they announced they’ll be coming up with a ministry as such and so I continued praying for it, not consistently though. Being so blessed in the conference (and for the heart for admin stuff), I volunteered to encode some of the evaluation sheets. After that , I didn’t hear anything about the ministry. But I remained hopeful! And indeed, God didn’t disappoint me. He even surprised me.

I received a text message from Ate Moha inviting me to join the ministry for the admin committee. I AM SO HAPPY, AMAZED, SPEECHLESS, & THANKFUL!!! …that the only reply I was able to send her was, “Hi Ate Moha! Suuure! I’d love to! :D” But I think she got a little confused and asked me…

Although I already know that this is a YES and a confirmation to my prayer, I still took time to pray about it again. I was excited and was itching to just simply send a reply confirming that I’ll be joining. But He commanded me so I obeyed. I prayed about it after sending the message below to Ate Moha.

But He is up to something, He didn’t give an answer right away. During that time, I was reading the last part of Obadiah, The Purpose-Driven Life, and some other online devotional. Nothing seems to relate. I’m really tempted to disregard praying about it again. I even had a fear of praying as I might receive a sudden NO from the Lord, (and of course, I won’t like that.) As I had these thoughts, I was reminded of 3 things.

  1. God has already told me and confirmed it the moment He has impressed it onto my heart almost a year ago. Whatever He already assured is true. He doesn’t lie and doesn’t break His promises which means I can trust Him and His word.
  2. Knowing that He’s true to His word, I should wait patiently and expectantly knowing I can rely on Him.
  3. Obedience is essential.

In the morning of March 10, I decided to set aside few minutes of my time to read God’s word and to pray for God to speak to me about the ministry. Without being aware that I’m about to read the book of Jonah already, I turned the pages of my Life Application Study Bible. When I saw that I’ll be reading Jonah, I said to myself, “I knew it.” But I was reminded that even though Jonah was commanded to go, I’m clueless when did God said so. I don’t know how many chapters there are in the book of Jonah. And so I prayed that if God will command me to go as He did to Jonah in the reading today, then that’s definitely a YES!

Truth be told, I’m expecting it to be in numerous chapters and so the command will still be somewhere in the middle part —assuming I won’t be able to read it yet as He will keep me waiting to further discipline me to be patient. Hahaha!!

Surprisingly, as I read the first chapter, I read this,

Now the word of the LORD came unto Jonah the son of Amittai, Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me. -Jonah 1:1-2


Amazed and awestruck, I thanked God and confirmed with Ate Moha.

There’s nothing at all wrong with being on your own and waiting for that spark.

--Unka Glen | Read entire post here.

When you trust the Lord, He promises that the road will take you directly to the destination He plans. He will make the path straight and you will arrive in His perfect timing. But your path, although straight, will not be smooth. It’s direct but you’d better expect storms along the way.

--Trust in the Lord and He will take you directly to where He wants you to go. It’s worth the few bumps, potholes, and uncomfortable places along the way.

Serving full-time, enjoying life, and praying about and for my God's best at 21. I believe He's in the process of making things work for His glory and my good. I see it happening ♥